Café/Bar in Highly visible and very busy location in Fuengirola Centro, Costa del Sol, Spain

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Property ID : F11936

Lease €53,950 - Cafe Bar
Ref.: F11936Price: 53950  €Area size: 110  m2Terrace size: 40  m2Terrace tax: 700  €Community: N/A  €/monthRent: 1500Contract: 5+
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The cafe bar is located in the best area of ​​Fuengirola Centro, a busy avenue with many other businesses and shops with a constant pedestrian crossing all day and all year round.


The area where the cafe bar is located is a residential area that has local staff all year round and also all kinds of tourists in summer as well as in winter.


The place is totally new, has been renovated only a few months ago and is decorated in a very modern style. It has a very welcoming atmosphere and the furniture is totally new and is made of wood.


With a surface of 110 m2 in the interior the place is very well organized; inside there can fit about 35 people more or less with the seats of the bar also because there are also 3 stools so that people can have their drinks or breakfast.


In the back and the left part there is a small store where you can keep all the boxes of drinks, barrels and many other things. That is a separate space that has been built by the current owner. Below are the services that They have also been refurbished and have all the facilities for the disabled.


The bar is smaller but has everything that is needed to offer a good service to customers. It has a coffee machine, coffee grinders. a large fridge for drinks; soft drinks, juices and for bottles of beers as well. It also has two taps for beers, standard type cash register, hanging system for the glasses and on top of that the bottles of alcoholic beverages are kept and a device for the tapas as well.


The kitchen is also smaller but it is fully equipped and has a smoke extraction system. It also has a microwave, three burners with a gas cylinder, two fryers, a toaster, a machine for making fresh juices, a cutter for sausages, refrigerators and freezers. also shelves to store dishes and other utensils that are used in the kitchen.There is also a dishwasher and a sink in the kitchen area.


The terrace seats around 40 guests quite comfortably and also enjoys a strong takeaway business due to its location close to the beach.The terrace is very well located, from the sidewalk you can enter and has the possibility to close it to enjoy it in the winter months too.


The most important criteria for a bar is location, price, sun and great staff this has it all.Surrounded by major hotels and a local and expat community this would make for a good starter bar for a couple or partnership. Fuengirola is situated on the Costa del Sola and boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year.

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