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San Juan Festivities

June 23rd – this is known as San Juan – every year beaches all along the Costa del Sol celebrate this special event by having parties on the beach.  Some have barbecues (the only time a barbecue is actually allowed on the beaches) others opt for sitting in a beach restaurant to watch the festivities.

Normally a bonfire; well actually its more like a scuplture is built on the beach then at midnight it is set fire to.  The idea is that people are meant to jump over these bonfires in search of cleansing themselves for future luck.  Once this is done, you then immerse yourself into the sea (fully clothed normally) to wash and finish the cleansing ritual.  This is the busiest day of the year and many people do not return to their homes until almost breakfast time the following day.  There is normally a firework display of some kind to coincide with the bonfire.  A really fun packed night out and a real tourist attraction for those that are luckiy enough to be here when it happens.



This is a typical “bonfire” spectacular that takes weeks at a time to build in readiness for this amazing evening!