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The End Of Summer!!!

This is the week when the madness of the summer settles down.  All the Spanish people who live inland have gone back after their long summer break on the Costa del Sol and all the Spanish schools are open also after a long holiday.

However please do not be fooled that now the summer is predominantly over that the Costa del Sol is dead!  This is now the time for holiday makers of various nationalities to come to the coast and relax on their well deserved and well needed break. The temperatures are still very good but not unbearable.  Also, beacuse the temperatures have settled down, this month now sees the return of the golfers that come out in their droves that return year after year.

This really is the best time to buy a business in Spain and is always our busiest time.

If you need help or advice on buying a business whwther it be a bar, shop, garage or salon, we are contactable via telephone, email and most of the social networks.

Contact us today and lets get the ball rolling – you have to start somewhere!